Sunday, April 3, 2011

not art but its sad day

one of my scorpions died today due to lack of my caring. I've been 'busy' these days and had no time to check all my scorpions + the rest of spiders .
kinda sad since this one is nearly impossible to get in this country. i've been raising it since when she was 2nd instar(2nd instar is pretty much same as new born stage. Lets say right after new born).
you guys probably think im crazy or weird because i feel sad and its just a insect(scorpion is not insect in fact). but im not. i was just born like this way.
bye now.


  1. Aw, man, that sucks. Sorry to hear that.

  2. @Daniel
    Thanks for visiting my blog and good to hear you like it!i guess you found mine randomly?

    thanks Jori.
    yeah im still sad to think about it.but i still have another female left and hopefully she will give me a brood soon.(shes been mated before with my male i used to have):)

  3. sorry to hear that!D: but it's not weird at all. some months ago i had to put my m.spider down because he wasn't able to finish his molt. i still choke up thinking about it - i've had him since he was a transparent little thing i never thought would grow up so big.

    hopefully you'll have some of those small ones growing up healthy n strong!:D n btw. love your art! i'll be stalking from now on. ^^

  4. Hi Drend Thanks for visiting my blog and kind words . appreciate it.:)

    and sorry for your spider. :( wondering what kind of spiders you have. haha