Saturday, July 23, 2011

my new printer doesnt do its job .

I finally got a new printer since i didnt own any.
always wanted to buy a good 'quality' one but i cant afford that right now and I don't run any business or something, so i just got pretty cheap one. (looks cheap too actually IMO)

the result? WOW Im really disappointed with it.
the pictures look so faded out and light. Maybe there should be something i need to change? but cant find it.
I dont think Canon makes this garbage printer since that company has a big name value obviously.

anyone knows whats wrong..?


  1. Are you sure that the package included the ink and ink cartridges? I think you should read the manual again you could’ve missed something (probably installing the driver and updating it), or it could also be the paper that you used. Try searching for a paper medium that will match those kinds of photos and that printer. I hope this helps.
    Clinton Mcalexander

  2. Have tried to look if the inkwells in the print cartridge are almost empty? If yes, try to fill them up. If that doesn’t work, you should call a professional printer repair service to check if there’s anything wrong with your printer. The exterior of the printer looks good, but there might be something wrong with the mechanism underneath. There might be a part stuck somewhere.

    Roselia Mangione